Water Filtration

Remove impurities and enjoy clean, crisp, pure water – the way it was meant to be.

Perks & Provisions knows that you want to drink water for the benefits - not the risks.  Our premium water filtration equipment eliminates unwanted chemicals, lead, and bacteria for a fresh taste that you can trust.  So, you can finally toss out all of the store bought water bottles collecting dust in your office storage.

Our bottle-less, point-of-use water cooler filters water in the same way that a bottling plant would (ahem, we have one of our own).  Going bottle-less has quite a few benefits:

Save money by getting the same quality water as bottled coolers, for much less.
Ditch the tracking sheet, since you’ll no longer have any deliveries to account for.
One less backache with no bottles to store and lift.
Enjoy an eco-friendly, carbon-conscious alternative to plastic bottles.

Of course, if bottled water is still the way you’d like to go to meet your specific needs, Perks & Provisions can handle that as well.

Remember:  you need water to make coffee - and pure water makes the best coffee.

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We carry the following point-of-use systems, with varying styles and functionality to best meet your needs and budget.


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